Eye on Extremism, August 8, 2017

Real Clear Life: How Tech Companies Are Fighting the Digital War Against ISIS
“With each ISIS-inspired attack in the West, governments put more pressure on Facebook, Google, Telegram, and Twitter to police extremist activity on their platforms. Despite tech companies responding to these calls, content used to recruit and radicalize attackers still finds its way online. Critics within the technology community say the platforms can do better, while civil libertarians wonder if it’s appropriate to task social networks with counterterrorism responsibilities in the first place. In June, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube announced they had joined forces to create the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism to make their platforms “hostile to terrorists and violent extremists.” The forum is focused on technical solutions, research, and sharing information with law enforcement.”
BBC News: Minnesota Mosque Bombing ‘Act Of Terror’
“An explosive that shattered windows and damaged a room at a Minnesota mosque was ‘a criminal act of terrorism’, the state’s governor Mark Dayton has said. Congregants were arriving for prayer early on Saturday when the explosion went off at the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in a Minneapolis suburb. The FBI are investigating what Mr Dayton called ‘a terrible, dastardly, cowardly’ act. They said the blast was caused by an improvised explosive device. No one was injured in Saturday’s attack at 0500 local time (0900 GMT), but the imam’s office was heavily damaged.”
NBC News: U.S. May Begin Airstrikes Against ISIS In Philippines
“The Pentagon is considering a plan that allows the U.S. military to conduct airstrikes on ISIS in the Philippines, two defense officials told NBC News. The authority to strike ISIS targets as part of collective self-defense could be granted as part of an official military operation that may be named as early as Tuesday, said the officials. The strikes would likely be conducted by armed drones. If approved, the U.S. military would be able to conduct strikes against ISIS targets in the Philippines that could be a threat to allies in the region, which would include the Philippine forces battling ISIS on the ground in the country’s southern islands.”
Reuters: Syrian Army Steps Up Strikes On Capital’s Last Rebel Enclave
“The Syrian army stepped up shelling and air strikes on the last rebel-held enclaves in the Syrian capital on Monday, its heaviest bombardment in a two-month campaign, rebels and witnesses said. From the strategic Qasyoun Heights that overlooks Damascus, elite units of the army pounded Jobar district, some 2 km (1.2 miles) east of the Old City wall and Ain Terma just to the south. The army’s offensive has dented a Russian-sponsored ceasefire announced two weeks ago in the Eastern Ghouta area to the east of Damascus.  Moscow has said it is negotiating with mainstream rebel groups in several areas across Syria to create new de-escalation zones and calm fighting.”
Newsweek: ISIS Makes Up To $100 Million A Year Smuggling Ancient Artifacts From Iraq And Syria
“The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) makes as much as $100 million annually by trafficking looted antiquities out of Iraq and Syria and selling them on the black market. The Wall Street Journal reported that while it was not possible to put a precise figure on the amount of revenue generated for ISIS by the trade of the artifacts, an unnamed French security official believed it to be around $100 million. Estimates from other sources ranged from the low tens of millions upward. The trade in items stolen from Iraq and Syria’s historical sites has become important to the militant group, as its territory, and by extension its ability to count on oil revenues, dwindles.”
BBC News: A Demanding Few Months, Says Met Anti-Terror Chief
“The head of the Met Police’s Counter Terrorism Command rarely gives interviews but ahead of a special programme from New Scotland Yard on Tuesday, Dean Haydon spoke to the BBC Asian Network about the challenges the force faces. Cdr Dean Haydon agrees the last few months have been ‘demanding’ and ‘challenging’. Since he started the job in December 2015, there have been four separate terror attacks – at Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena, London Bridge and Finsbury Park Mosque. ‘If you were talking to me 12 months ago, I’d be talking about a different terrorist threat – the threat’s shifted, it’s changed,’ he says.”
United States
USA Today: President Trump, U.S. Troops Need Afghanistan War Strategy
“When Donald Trump was running for president, his iconic ideal of military leadership was Gen. George Patton, especially as depicted by George C. Scott in the 1970 film, gloriously leading armored columns across Western Europe to victory in World War II. But the counterinsurgency, counterterrorism conflicts of the 21st century aren’t won that way. Enemies often don’t wear a uniform, insurgencies infect a nation’s bloodstream, and tanks are not a cure-all. A prime example is the war in Afghanistan, now in its 16th year.”
NBC News: U.S. Is Sending More Marines To Afghanistan
“The U.S. is sending dozens more Marines to Afghanistan, according to three U.S. defense officials. Task Force Southwest, based in Helmand Province in southwestern Afghanistan, requested the additional Marines to help with internal force protection, the officials said. U.S. Central Command approved the request but the Marines have not yet moved into the country. There are currently more than 300 Marines assigned to Task Force Southwest, and the total additional force is less than 100 marines, the officials said. The Marines will deploy from the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force Crisis Response Central Command, already based in the region.”
NPR: ‘I Give Up’: Top War Crimes Expert Resigns From U.N.’s Syria Inquiry
“A top former war crimes prosecutor has quit the U.N.’s Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria, over what she described as the Security Council’s lack of political will to hold the perpetrators of war crimes accountable. ‘I give up. The states in the Security Council don’t want justice,’ Carla Del Ponte said in comments to the Swiss publication Blick, as quoted by The Associated Press. ‘I can’t any longer be part of this commission which simply doesn’t do anything.’ Her departure means only two members remain on the panel.”
The Wall Street Journal: Iran Is Using Syria To Advance Toward The Mediterranean
“Hezbollah announced last month that it had captured the Syrian-Lebanese border area of Juroud Arsal from Islamic State forces. Far from being a minor development in a violent and unstable region, this marks another Iranian success in its quest for power and dominance across the Middle East. Since its 1979 revolution, Iran has sought to become a dominant world power capable of imposing Islamic rule on as many people as possible. The Iranian regime finances and supports armed militias in other countries and is the world’s largest supporter of international terror.”
CNN: Inside Syria’s Safe Zones, Russia And Assad Hold The Cards
“It was once one of the most violent battlefields in Syria, but standing at the front line in the center of Quneitra, in the country’s southwest, newly-established safe zones are bringing a welcome respite from the bloodshed. Until recently, this town was divided by brutal fighting between pro-government and rebel forces. Now tanks sit idle in the streets and soldiers have, for the most part, put their weapons down. It is one of three places where a ceasefire brokered by the Trump administration, Russia and Jordan has been in effect for around month. The truce was announced after a meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg in early July.”
The Daily Caller: ISIS’ Latest Magazine Instructs Fighters How To Dodge US White Phosphorus
“The Islamic State’s latest issue of the magazine Rumiyah includes instructions to fighters on how to dodge white phosphorus reportedly used by U.S. and Russian forces. In a one-page article featured in Rumiyah, authors for the magazine accused the U.S. and Russia of deploying white phosphorus against ISIS troops and further advised militants to take various safety measures to avoid the worst effects of the incendiary weapon. According to the magazine, white phosphorus is a ‘burning, chemical weapon used by armies, specifically in urban warfare. The Russian and American Crusaders are now using it continuously in their war against soldiers of the Islamic State.’”
Newsweek: Coalition Made In Hell: ISIS And Taliban Join Forces For Massacre In Afghanistan
“The Taliban and the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) joined forces to massacre dozens of civilians in a village on Sunday, according to Afghan officials. The radical Islamists killed more than 50 men, women and children in the Sayad district of the northern Sar-e-Pul province, and the death toll could rise further. The attack saw Taliban fighters join forces with Sher Mohammed Ghazanfar, a commander who has pledged allegiance to ISIS. ‘It was a joint operation by Daesh (IS) and Taliban fighters. They had recruited forces from other provinces of the country and attacked Mirzawalang village,’ Zabihullah Amani, a spokesman for the provincial governor, told AFP news agency.”
Reuters: Taliban Deny Cooperating With Islamic State In Afghan Attack
“The Taliban rejected reports they used foreign fighters and cooperated with Islamic State in fighting at a remote village in northern Afghanistan this weekend where officials said dozens of local police and civilians were killed. The Taliban, fighting to install sharia in Afghanistan and drive out foreign forces, said the claims were intended to discredit it. The movement sees Islamic State, which is fighting to create a global caliphate, as a hostile force. However, Afghan government officials quoted villagers as saying as many as 600 fighters, who appeared to include both Taliban and Islamic State militants, had overrun Mirza Olang village in the northern province of Sar-e Pul on Saturday.”
The New York Times: Seesaw Conflict With Taliban Takes Toll In Fallen Afghan District
“Before the Taliban briefly overran the Taiwara District in late July, the last semblance of resistance came not from the government, but rather from local residents who rallied around their representative in Parliament in what turned out to be a fatal effort for many. The small Afghan commando unit in Taiwara, in the western part of isolated Ghor Province, had already been routed. Ibrahim Malikzada, the district’s parliamentarian and a hardened anti-Taliban fighter since the 1990s, arrived from Kabul to try to muster a final defense. Mr. Malikzada often travels the 180 miles of mountainous stretch from the provincial capital to the district on a motorcycle, in the dark of the night. His men were also defeated, on July 23.”
Reuters: Turkey’s Erdogan Claims Germany Abetting Terrorists
“Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused Germany on Monday of assisting terrorists by not responding to thousands of files sent to Berlin or handing over suspects wanted by Turkish authorities. ‘Germany is abetting terrorists,’ Erdogan told a conference in the Black Sea province of Rize, in comments likely to further escalate tensions between the two countries. ‘We gave (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel 4,500 dossiers, but have not received an answer on a single one of them,’ he told members of his ruling AK Party. ‘When there is a terrorist, they can tell us to give that person back. You won’t send the ones you have to us, but can ask us for yours. So you have a judiciary, but we don’t in Turkey?’ he said.”
Reuters: Turkish Troops Hold Exercises In Qatar
“Qatar held joint military exercises with Turkish troops on Monday, Qatari media reported, showcasing their strategic alliance two months into a boycott by Arab neighbors which accuse Doha of supporting terrorism. The manoeuvres are aimed at preparing Qatar’s armed forces to defend ‘vital economic, strategic and infrastructure facilities,’ state-owned newspaper Al-Sharq reported. Turkey’s parliament fast-tracked legislation on June 7 to allow hundreds of troops to be deployed to a military base in Qatar, set up as part of an agreement signed in 2014, in a show of support for Qatar, which is also home to the biggest U.S. air base in the region.”
Newsweek: Turkey’s Military To Move Into Somalia After Backing Qatar In Gulf Crisis
“Turkey is set to open the largest military camp in Somalia, where locals are battling an Islamist militant group in addition to drought and disease. Somali Defense Minister Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed said the camp would open next month, after two years of construction, and would be equipped to host up to 1,500 troops at one time, making it the largest such facility in the East African nation. The site will be Turkey’s second overseas military installation, following the establishment of a base in Qatar in 2015.”
Voice Of America: Turkey Hints At Military Operation Against Syrian Kurds
“Turkey is building up military forces on the Syrian border, while Turkish President Recep Erdogan steps up his rhetoric suggesting an imminent military operation into Syria. Ankara is reportedly courting Moscow for its support for a possible operation into Syria’s Afrin enclave, which is now under the control of the Kurdish YPG militia. Ankara accuses the YPG, which controls large swathes of Syrian territory along its border, of being an offshoot of the PKK, which is fighting the Turkish state. ‘We will take important steps to implement the new campaigns in the near future,’ Erdogan declared Saturday to cheering supporters in the Turkish city of Malatya. ‘We would rather pay the price for foiling plans targeting our future and liberty in Syria and Iraq, than on our own soil.’”
Saudi Arabia
The Washington Post: New Saudi Ambassador To The U.S. Sees ‘Huge Improvement’ In Relations Under Trump
“There is a huge improvement in the Saudi-U.S. relationship under this administration. I think that President Trump is determined to work with his allies in the region to counter Iranian expansionism and terrorism. We are happy with the current policies in the region. I think Qatar’s policies have been a threat to our national security, especially when they interfere in our domestic politics and support extremists. . . . In Syria, they have supported al-Qaeda affiliates and some terrorist [Shiite] militias in Iraq. We hope Qatar will stop funding extremism.”
Middle East
The New Times: Jordan’s King, Spurred By Jerusalem Mosque Crisis, Meets With Palestinian Leader
“King Abdullah II of Jordan made the short trip to Ramallah on Monday for a highly symbolic visit with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, against the backdrop of the recent crisis over the Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem and tensions with Israel. Arriving by helicopter, the king was greeted by a Palestinian honor guard, as well as by a huge poster of his image and that of Mr. Abbas superimposed on crowds of Muslim worshipers inside the Aqsa compound. It bore the legend, ‘Jerusalem will triumph.’”
Haaretz: Hamas And Iran Agree To ‘Turn A New Leaf’, Focus On ‘Shared Enemy’
“Following a meeting between top Hamas officials and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday, a joint statement was released saying, ‘We concluded that it’s time to turn a new leaf in order to address our shared enemy.’ The delegation of Hamas officials included Saleh al-Arouri, the military commander who oversees West Bank terror cells. He is believed to have orchestrated the kidnapping of three Israeli teens in 2014. Al-Arouri left Qatar in early June, following requests by Qatari officials that Hamas leadership leave the country.”
CNN: Al Jazeera Denounces Proposed Israel Ban As ‘Biased’
“Al Jazeera has denounced Israel’s decision to shut down its operations, saying it ran counter to the nation’s claim to be democratic. The Qatar-based broadcaster promised legal action against the decision, saying it aligned Israel with other Arab states that are traditionally its enemies. On Sunday, Israel’s communications minister, Ayoub Kara, accused Al Jazeera of supporting ‘terroristic journalism’ and announced plans to close its Jerusalem bureau, halt its transmissions and revoke its press credentials. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month accused Al Jazeera of inciting violence in its coverage of clashes between Muslim worshippers and Israeli security forces at Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa mosque.”
Reuters: Iran Says Arrests Islamic State Group Planning Attacks
“Iranian security forces have broken up a group linked to Islamic State which was planning attacks in religious centers in the country and trying to hide weapons in home appliances, state news agency IRNA reported on Monday. The agency said the operation was conducted jointly with another country’s agents and a total of 27 suspects were arrested. The agency did not name the other country. Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack in June in which suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the Iranian parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini’s mausoleum in Tehran, killing 18 people. It threatened more attacks against Iran’s majority Shi’ite population, seen by the hardline Sunni militants as heretics.”
Reuters: Islamic State May Have Fired Rockets Into Lebanon, Security Source Says
“Islamic State may have fired seven Grad rockets into Lebanon on Monday from its enclave on the border with Syria, without causing any injuries, a Lebanese security source said. It would mark the first use of those weapons by Islamic State fighters there for several years, and comes as the Lebanese army prepares for an expected assault on their enclave. The rockets fell around the town of al-Qaa and led the Lebanese army to shell Islamic State positions in the hills nearby, the source said.”
Newsweek: Iran’s Forces Battle ISIS, Other Militants And Friendly Fire In Two Days Of Action
“Iran has disabled a sleeper cell supportive of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) and won a deadly firefight with insurgents, according to state sources. Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence announced Monday the arrest of 27 members of an ISIS-linked cell during a joint operation with an unnamed regional country. The ministry said 10 suspects had been arrested abroad and 17 more within Iran’s borders, where they reportedly planned to launch attacks on the country’s religious cities. Still reeling from fatalities incurred during twin gun and bomb attacks launched by ISIS against political and religious sites in Tehran in June, Iran has devoted extensive resources toward fighting ISIS abroad. It also faces risks from the jihadists and other rebels attempting to destabilize the nation from within.”
Reuters: East Libyan City Suffers As Military Forces Tighten Siege
“Residents of Derna in east Libya say they are facing critical shortages after Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) tightened its longstanding siege around the city last week. Haftar’s eastern-based LNA, one of a number of factions that have vied for power in Libya since a 2011 uprising ended Muammar Gaddafi’s four-decade rule, is waging a military campaign against a coalition of Islamist militants and ex-rebels known as the Derna Mujahideen Shura Council (DMSC) that controls Derna. Attention has shifted to the coastal city after Haftar announced victory in a three-year military campaign against a similar coalition in Benghazi, 350 km (210 miles) to the west, a month ago.”
Town Hall: Parents Are Donating Their Daughters To Boko Haram In Nigeria To Become Suicide Bombers
“A Christian missionary who teaches dirt poor children in Nigeria sent me a link to a very disturbing story, telling me that this same story was being featured in every newspaper she saw today. It is a tale of unspeakable evil. Yet without this missionary writing to me, it is a story we rarely hear in the West. Are you ready for some stomach-churning reading? The army is now appealing to Muslim parents not to “donate” their children to Boko Haram to be used as suicide bombers. That’s right. Parents are giving their children to these Muslim terrorists to blow themselves up and murder other people. How can this be?”
Newsweek: In Nigeria, Barking Dogs Foiled A Boko Haram Suicide Attack On A Hospital
“Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group, has plagued northern Nigeria for the past eight years. The group—whose name means ‘Western education is forbidden’—has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people since launching its bloody battle to establish a hardline Islamic caliphate in the country. It regularly sends suicide bombers to attack soft targets, including marketplaces and mosques, causing destruction and killing civilians. The extremists attempted to strike again Friday. Two suicide bombers, a man and a woman, sought entry into a rehabilitation center for leprosy patients at a hospital on the outskirts of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, which has borne the brunt of the insurgency.”
BBC News: Germany To Resume Sending Migrants Back To Greece
“Germany is set to send asylum seekers back to Greece, although reception centres there are overcrowded and there is a huge backlog in processing claims. Germany had halted such returns under a 2011 ruling by its Constitutional Court. But it can send migrants back under the EU’s Dublin Convention. That convention says an asylum claim should be processed in the country where a migrant first entered the EU. A Greek minister and German officials told ARD TV about the change of policy. Greek Migration Minister Ioannis Mouzalas said Greece had agreed to take some asylum seekers back in a goodwill gesture, as there had been ‘pressure’ from some EU countries to do so.”
The Jerusalem Post: Israeli, German Lawmakers Call To Ban Hezbollah
“Terrorist groups must not be allowed to hold events in Germany, members of the Knesset and the Bundestag wrote to German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière in a letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Jerusalem Post. ‘It is unacceptable that terrorist organizations in Germany are planning events and recruiting supporters while the responsible authorities do not have any legal tools to prevent it,’ the letter reads. The letter was spearheaded by Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid in response to an ‘al-Quds Day’ march in June. In that demonstration, marchers carried pictures of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Israeli flags with the Star of David crossed out and touted messages like ‘Zionists out of Israel.’”
Deutsche Welle: France Opens Terror Probe Against Eiffel Tower Attacker
“French prosecutors said they had begun the investigation because of the suspect’s statements to police. He said he wanted to attack a soldier and had been in contact with a member of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS) group who had encouraged him to act. Just before midnight Saturday, the French national born in Mauritania had pushed past a security guard at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in the center of Paris and approached a soldier. He was carrying a blade and shouting ‘Allahu akhbar’ or ‘God is great’ in Arabic. Quickly surrounded by soldiers at the site he surrendered without resistance. No one was injured and no shots were fired.”
NBC News: Migrants Return To Dunkirk And Calais ‘Jungle’ As France Tackles Human Tide
“It is synonymous with the largest military evacuation of allied forces in World War II, but Dunkirk is now facing a new human drama. This time there are few heroes. In woodland barely a mile from the beaches depicted in Christopher Nolan’s epic war movie, desperate families are among hundreds of migrants hiding in filthy camps in the hope of making their own escape across the English Channel to Britain. They are a ripple from a record-setting wave of migration into Europe from war zones as far apart as west Africa and Afghanistan, and their presence illustrates the scale of the problem facing French authorities who have repeatedly cleared notorious camps only to watch them spring up elsewhere.”
Voice Of America: Cracks Appear In Italian Resolve Over Disputed Naval Mission Off Libya
“Italian government ministers are becoming increasingly divided over risky naval efforts to curb the numbers of migrants who have landed at the country’s ports. At issue — what the mission should be for two Italian naval ships set to be deployed in Libyan waters. Several ministers object to the idea of Italian sailors turning back mainly sub-Saharan asylum-seekers — either directly or indirectly in coordination with Libyan Coast Guard ships, some of whom are suspected of being in league with people smugglers. The emerging cracks in the Italian government policy come as a ship leased to a far right anti-migrant group started to shadow refugee-rescue vessels operated by humanitarian organizations, raising fears of a possible dangerous confrontation at sea with the far-right activists from Defend Europe.”
Fox News: Italy Clashes With Libya, NGOs Over What To Do With Migrants Overwhelming Country
“Italy can’t build a wall, nor does it want to, but the debate over how to slow the flows of refugees and migrants here is reaching a fever pitch. The problems of where to house them, and how to employ them, have not been solved.  About 614,000 have arrived in Italy from North Africa since 2014. Italy accuses the rest of Europe of not helping to spread the burden. One solution, agreed between Italy and the UN-backed Libyan government, is to send Italian ships to keep the traffickers’ boats from setting out toward Italy in the first place.”
BBC News: Malaysia Detains Hundreds In Counter-Terrorism Raids
“More than 400 people have been detained in a counter-terrorism operation in Malaysia, authorities say. Those held in a series of raids in the capital Kuala Lumpur were mainly from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, officials said. Machines to make fake passports and to forge Malaysian immigration documents were among the items seized. Security in the city is being tightened up ahead of the Southeast Asian Games which begin in just over a week’s time. Monday’s raids saw police break down doors and lead scores of people away in handcuffs to waiting buses. They were taken to police stations for investigation and screening.”
Masralarabia: Egyptian Expert: Countering Terrorism Requires Cooperation Of All National Press And Media
“Egypt’s National Press Authority President, Karam Gabr, stated that the media is the “soft power” for countering terrorism. He asserted that terrorist groups are using Internet websites, and mainly the social media, to spread disunity and frustration among citizens. During the Authority’s second assembly with Egypt’s media boards of directors and chief editors, which was held at Al-Ahram headquarters, under the theme of “strengthening the state,” Karam stressed that fighting terrorism requires all means of national press and media to join forces.”
Combating Terror Financing
Quds Press: Israel Confiscates $360,000 Worth Of Terror Funds
“Along with their policy of administrative detention, Israeli authorities recently confiscated funds and properties meant to serve families of Palestinian prisoners and dead terrorists. These funds were channeled by foreign entities that support terrorism against Israel. Since the beginning of this year, the Israeli army has confiscated funds and assets worth NIS1.3 million ($361,000), which it claims to be designated to support terror groups.  According to the IDF’s report, Israeli forces have intensified their campaign in recent weeks against terrorist funds. Israel insists that these “funds, which originate from Hamas, are intended to encourage {execution of terror} operations and to keep the perpetrators and their families indebted to, and affiliated with, Hamas.” The Israeli military asserts that all these {seizure} campaigns are based on intelligence tips, and that the confiscated funds are transferred to the Israeli Civil Administration to be invested in civilian projects for the benefit of Palestinians.”
Elyom New: ISIS Claims Imposters Are Conducting Fundraising Campaigns Under Its Name In Syria
“New armed groups claiming to be part of ISIS, which have emerged in Iraq and Syria, are urging locals to donate funds, purportedly to the group. Members of these groups insist they are official representatives of the terrorist organization. However, an online page affiliated with ISIS underscored that these groups and individuals do not belong to the organization in any way, shape or form. According to media reports, the aim of these groups is to terrorize locals and take their money, under threat of destroying their homes and businesses if they refuse to do so.”
The Seventh Day: Money Transfers From Turkey To ISIS
“ISIS obtained huge remittances even after the military operation for the liberation of the left side of Mosul began on October 17th. It received the funds through complex means, with the majority of funds originating in Turkey. An Iraqi security source said there were three main sources of financial transfers that continued to reach ISIS’s coffers in Mosul even as fighting intensified to eliminate its presence in the city. The source, who declined to be named, noted that the methods of transferring money to the terror organization were convoluted. The source confirmed that money transfers at the end of 2016 and the first months of the current year were not large, but flowed continuously, until ISIS’s downfall and the official declaration of Mosul’s complete liberation. The source pointed out that the funds that reached ISIS’s coffers were valued at $80k – $100k per day.”
Yemen Akhbar: Demand To Pressure Houthis To Return All State Financial Revenues
“The Aden-based Yemeni government has called on the United Nations and the Security Council to place heavy pressure on the Houthis to hand over all the funds they seized in Yemen’s Central Bank for Aden’s interim capital. The official Yemeni news agency reported that the government, at a meeting on Monday in Aden headed by Premier Ben Dagher, called on international organizations to pressure the Houthis to transfer revenues to the central bank, “in order to fulfill all its obligations to all the Yemeni people.” The government added that it was determined “to complete the termination of the Houthi coup and take back the state, despite the Houthis’ insistence to reject any political solution.”


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