Eye on Extremism, July 24, 2017

The Washington Post: How ISIS Nearly Stumbled On The Ingredients For A ‘Dirty Bomb’
“On the day the Islamic State overran the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014, it laid claim to one of the greatest weapons bonanzas ever to fall to a terrorist group: a large metropolis dotted with military bases and garrisons stocked with guns, bombs, rockets and even battle tanks. But the most fearsome weapon in Mosul on that day was never used by the terrorists. Only now is it becoming clear what happened to it. Locked away in a storage room on a Mosul college campus were two caches of cobalt-60, a metallic substance with lethally high levels of radiation. When contained within the heavy shielding of a radiotherapy machine, cobalt-60 is used to kill cancer cells. In terrorists’ hands, it is the core ingredient of a ‘dirty bomb,’ a weapon that could be used to spread radiation and panic.”
Reuters: Iran And Iraq Sign Accord To Boost Military Cooperation
“Iran and Iraq signed an agreement on Sunday to step up military cooperation and the fight against ‘terrorism and extremism’, Iranian media reported, an accord which is likely to raise concerns in Washington. Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan and his Iraqi counterpart Erfan al-Hiyali signed a memorandum of understanding which also covered border security, logistics and training, the official news agency IRNA reported. ‘Extending cooperation and exchanging experiences in fighting terrorism and extremism, border security, and educational, logistical, technical and military support are among the provisions of this memorandum,’ IRNA reported after the signing of the accord in Tehran.”
ABC News: After Mosul Victory, Iraq Mulls Future Of Shiite Militias
“In the wake of victory against the Islamic State group in Mosul, Iraq’s political, religious and military leaders are debating the future of the country’s powerful Shiite militias — the tens of thousands of men who answered a religious call to arms three years ago and played a critical role in beating back the extremists. Some are demanding the mostly Iranian-backed forces be disbanded but the militias say their sacrifices on the battlefield and the fact they were sanctioned by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi have earned them a permanent place in the hierarchy of Iraq’s security forces. The Shiite militias stepped into a vacuum when the Iraqi army largely dissolved after IS overran Mosul and pushed within 80 miles (130 kilometers) of the Iraqi capital.”
Bloomberg: Radicalization Online: Should Silicon Valley Do More?: CEP Spokesperson Tara Maller joins Bloomberg Technology reporter Jordan Robertson to discuss how terror groups radicalize people online and what can be done to stop it.
BBC News: Kabul Suicide Car Bomb: 30 Killed In Afghan Capital
“A suicide car bomb has exploded in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least 30 people, officials have told the BBC. At least 42 people were injured in the blast and there are fears the number of casualties could rise. The blast in the west of the city, in a mainly Shia district, struck a bus carrying government employees from the ministry of mines, officials said. The Taliban said they had carried out the attack and were targeting intelligence service officials. Kabul has seen a number of deadly attacks this year blamed on the Taliban or so-called Islamic State.”
Voice Of America: Six Die In One Day In Latest Israeli-Palestinian Violence
“Israeli officials say three Israelis died and one more was wounded when a Palestinian broke into a home in a West Bank settlement and stabbed its residents while they were eating dinner. Two of the victims died Friday soon after the attack in the area known as Neve Tsuf, north of Ramallah. Another victim died later in the day. The assailant was shot by Israeli police and is hospitalized in Israel. He has been identified as 20-year-old Omar al-Abed. His brother also has been arrested. Elsewhere Friday, three Palestinians died when clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians turned violent.”
Deutsche Welle: Interpol Releases List Of 173 Potential IS Bombers Who Could Be In Europe
“Interpol has circulated a list of 173 alleged ‘Islamic State’ (IS) fighters who might be trained to carry out suicide attacks in Europe. The list was compiled using US intelligence from operations in Syria and Iraq. European counterterrorism networks warned that the battleground losses of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ could lead to suicide bombers taking revenge by attacking targets in Europe, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on Friday. The Interpol list, dated May 27, said there could be more than 173 IS operatives who ‘have been trained to build and position improvised explosive devices in order to cause serious deaths and injuries. It is believed that they can travel internationally, to participate in terrorist activities.’”
Time: Rodrigo Duterte Says He Can ‘Wait For One Year’ To Clear ISIS Militants From Marawi
“Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Friday that he is prepared to wait for another year to retake the city of Marawi, parts of which remain occupied by an ad-hoc coalition of Islamist militants, two months after their brazen assault on the southern city. Officially the death toll in Marawi has now topped 500, including 45 civilians and 114 government troops, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reports. However as far back as mid-June residents who had fled the city, and a senior army official who declined to be named, separately told TIME they estimated more than 1000 people had been killed. Despite a sustained ground assault and daily airstrikes — footage from Sunday’s fighting shows buildings in flames — an estimated 70 militants are thought to still be holed up in Marawi.”
The Guardian: Global Network Of ‘Hunters’ Aim To Take Down Terrorists On The Internet
“Colonel Kurtz used to spend hours playing social games like Farmville. Now he hunts terrorists on the internet. The pseudonymous 41-year-old, who runs his own construction company, is one of dozens of volunteer “hunters” to dedicate hours each day trying to identify and infiltrate terror groups online and block the spread of their propaganda. “We’re trying to save lives and get this crap off the net to keep the next vulnerable kid from seeing propaganda and thinking it’s cool,” said Kurtz. These hunters plug a gap in social media companies’ ability to keep terrorists off their networks by obsessively tracking and reporting Isis’s most prominent recruiters and propagandists across private messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp and public networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Some of them also provide valuable tip-offs of credible threats to law enforcement.”
United States
Newsweek: ISIS In America: Golden Gate Bridge Closed To Traffic During Marathon To Stop Terror Attacks
“As runners cross San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday, the city’s most famous landmark will be closed to traffic to prevent a vehicle ramming attack similar to those that have taken place in the U.K., France and Germany. During the marathon—which attracts some 15,000 runners from throughout the world— the bridge will be closed to motorists driving northbound, with the measure expected to affect around 4,500 drivers. Southbound lanes will be kept open since runners are protected by a steel and concrete barrier, Associated Press reported. The Golden Gate Bridge District Board of Directors voted unanimously on the measure in June, following a series of terror attacks in Europe by supporters of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).”
Fox News: First Al Qaeda Suspect Extradited To The US Under The Trump Administration
“An accused Al Qaeda recruiter who purportedly conspired with two American women has been extradited from Spain to the U.S., marking the first foreign terror suspect to be brought in for sentencing under the Trump administration. Algerian-born Irish citizen Ali Charaf Damache, 52, appeared in a Philadelphia federal court Friday and is being charged with conspiracy to provide material support and resources to terrorists. A 2011 indictment implicated Damache – who is believed to be a member of an Ireland-based cell and went by the name “Black Flag” – of backing terrorism. He also is accused of being part of a thwarted scheme to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks because he illustrated the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.”
The Daily Caller: Trump Hates Being In Afghanistan, But Admin Is Mum On What His Policy Will Be
“George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan, then Barack Obama failed to completely pull out American troops, and now soldiers are dying on President Trump’s watch as the U.S. continues to be engaged in a 16-year war with no end in sight. While President Trump continues to lambaste American involvement in the Middle East — frequently saying the U.S. got ‘nothing’ for the conflicts — the president, his aides, or the Defense Department have yet to lay out a strategy for the Afghan war. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked repeatedly Thursday if the administration will deploy more troops to Afghanistan, an idea backed by the top U.S. commander in the region.”
Reuters: U.S. Army Sergeant Indicted In Hawaii On Charges Of Trying To Help Islamic State
“A U.S. Army sergeant stationed in Hawaii has been indicted on charges of trying to provide material support to Islamic State, allowing the case to move to a federal trial without a preliminary hearing, officials said on Saturday. Ikaika Erik Kang, 34, is being held in jail and is scheduled to appear in court in Honolulu on Monday to face charges. He was arrested on July 8. The indictment, from a U.S. grand jury, accuses the military air traffic controller of four counts of attempting to provide material support or resources to a ‘foreign terrorist organization.’”
NBC News: California Man Accused Of Trying To Open ISIS Social Media Accounts
“A California man is accused of trying to open social media accounts for ISIS and planning a possible terrorist attack, federal authorities said Friday. Amer Sinan Alhaggagi, 22, allegedly sent instant messages to undercover FBI agents and met with them on multiple occasions to discuss the attack, court documents say. Details of the social media accounts or the attack were not included in those documents, although they allege that Alhaggagi planned to escape to Mexico afterward. The documents add that he spent ‘significant’ time in Yemen.”
CNN: Marines Facing ‘Discouraging’ Challenges In Afghanistan
“The plume of smoke and dust rose over the runway, high above the now-deserted but once costly and vital control towers. Then a second rocket slammed into the tarmac just feet away from where a C130 cargo plane would imminently land to ferry us out. The Marines with us at first appeared unfazed. Some were perhaps young and new to it all, while the older ones stood tall, not flinching. I crouched behind a wheel until those tires were used to race us back toward a shelter.”
Reuters: Syrian Army Declares Cessation Of Hostilities East Of Capital – State TV
“The Syrian military declared a cessation of hostilities on Saturday in the rebel-controlled Eastern Ghouta region near the capital, state television reported. Eastern Ghouta, stretching from eastern to northeastern suburbs of Damascus, has long been under opposition control in the six-year conflict, as rebels have lost ground in the west. State television reported a ‘cessation of fighting activities in several areas of Eastern Ghouta.’ It said the cessation began at 12:00 noon (0900 GMT) and any violation would receive an ‘appropriate response’.”
Reuters: Hezbollah Says Seizes Strategic Valley From Militants At Syria-Lebanon Border
“Hezbollah said its forces seized a strategic valley from Sunni Muslim militants on Monday, the latest advance in an offensive to oust jihadists from their last foothold along the Syria-Lebanon border. The Shi’ite Muslim Hezbollah said it had advanced from several directions in the Wadi al-Kheil valley in Juroud Arsal, a barren mountainous border zone that has served as a base for militants linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State. The advance gave Hezbollah control over what had been ‘the most important base for Nusra Front’ in the area, Hezbollah’s military media unit said in a statement.”
Reuters: Syrian Warplanes Strike Near Damascus Despite Ceasefire: Syrian Observatory
“Syrian government warplanes carried out several air strikes in the Eastern Ghouta area east of Damascus on Sunday, a day after the Syrian military declared a cessation of hostilities in the area, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The British-based monitoring group said Saturday had been relatively calm after the ceasefire took effect with isolated incidents of shellfire. On Sunday, six air strikes hit the towns of Douma and Ain Terma in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, it reported. There was no immediate comment from the government or army.”
Reuters: Jihadist Group Cements Control Of Syria’s Idlib Province: Rebels
“Syrian jihadists linked to a former al Qaeda affiliate consolidated their grip over large parts of the northwestern province of Idlib on Sunday after their main rival evacuated a major border crossing with Turkey, rebels and residents said. Witnesses said the departing rebels, of the Ahrar al Sham group, had moved a large convoy of heavy equipment and tanks and hundreds of its fighters away from the Bab al Hawa crossing with Turkey and had headed to areas it controls further south in Idlib province and in the neighboring province of Hama.”
Reuters: Syrian Military Says Jets Attack Islamic State East Of Raqqa: State TV
“Syrian warplanes carried out air strikes on Saturday against Islamic State in an area of countryside east of Raqqa and close to where U.S.-backed forces operate, Syrian state TV reported, citing a military source. The attacks in the town of Maadan and village of Bir al-Sabkhawi, near the provincial boundary with Deir al-Zor governorate, ‘destroyed several bases and vehicles’ belonging to the Islamist group, the source said. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said it was the first time in several weeks that the Syrian military had launched an attack in that area.”
Reuters: Hezbollah And Syrian Army Advance In Border Offensive: Reports
“Lebanon’s Shi’ite militia Hezbollah and the Syrian army advanced against Sunni militants on Saturday, the second day of an assault to drive them from their last foothold along the Syria-Lebanon border, pro-Damascus media reported. The operation has targeted Sunni Muslim insurgents from the former Nusra Front, a group that was aligned to al Qaeda and who have controlled the barren, mountainous zone of Juroud Arsal. A military media unit run by Hezbollah said its forces captured a strategic hilltop area called Dhahr al-Huwa, previously a key Nusra Front base, which allowed them to overlook several border crossings in the area.”
Voice Of America: Erdogan In Saudi Arabia To Tackle Qatar Rift
“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan landed in Saudi Arabia Sunday to begin a two-day trip aimed at defusing a standoff between Ankara’s ally Qatar and neighboring countries. ‘No one has any interest in prolonging this crisis any more,’ Erdogan said at the Istanbul airport prior to his departure. ‘I hope our visit will be beneficial for the region.’ Erdogan starts his trip in the Saudi port city of Jeddah, where he is holding talks with King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.”
Reuters: Turkish Police Detain 61 Protesters In Ankara
“Turkish police detained 61 protesters in the capital Ankara on Sunday demonstrating in support of two teachers jailed two months ago for going on hunger strike, private broadcaster CNN Turk reported. Police used pepper spray and water cannons on the protesters as they gathered in Kizilay square in central Ankara. Some protesters were dragged away by police and detained, but others returned shortly afterwards trying to continue their protest. Literature professor Nuriye Gulmen, 35, and primary school teacher Semih Ozakca, 28, went on hunger strike after losing their jobs under a government decree as part of a widening purge of the public sector after a failed military coup last July.”
BBC News: Afghanistan: Taliban ‘Kidnapped Dozens’ Of Villagers
“At least seven villagers have been killed after being kidnapped by suspected Taliban militants, a senior Afghan police official says. He said about dozens of villagers were abducted in Kandahar province earlier in the week. About 30 have been released while at least 30 remain missing, he added. The United Nations said the number of civilians killed in the country’s conflict reached a new high of more than 1,600 in the first half of 2017. Reports said the latest abduction happened when Islamist rebels launched co-ordinated attacks on a military camp on the Kandahar-Uruzgan Highway.”
The New York Times: Taliban Say Top Leader’s Son Carried Out A Suicide Attack
“Early Thursday morning, Taliban fighters in southern Helmand Province launched a daring attack: They packed explosives into three stolen Humvees originally supplied to Afghan forces by the United States and drove them into Afghan security outposts. After the Humvees exploded, other suicide attackers followed. On Saturday, the Taliban released an astonishing bit of information about that attack, which took place in the province’s Gereshk district: One of the suicide bombers was the son of their supreme leader, Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada.”
BBC News: Afghanistan: 16 Police Killed In US Friendly-Fire Air Strike
“A US air strike has killed 16 Afghan policemen in the southern province of Helmand, local officials say. The attack happened as Afghan security forces were clearing Taliban militants from a village in the Gereshk district, police told AFP news agency. Nato has acknowledged the incident, without detailing how many Afghans died, and promised an investigation. Meanwhile, the Taliban say a son of their leader has died carrying out a suicide attack in the same area.”
Reuters: Egypt Forces Kill Eight Militants At Camp In South: Ministry
“Egyptian security forces have killed eight suspected Islamist militants belonging to the Hasm movement in what officials said was a training camp in a southern desert region, the interior ministry said on Sunday. Five other militants were arrested in operations carried out in Giza and Sharqiya regions, it said. Automatic rifles, ammunitions and supplies were recovered at the Fayoum camp southwest of the capital, the ministry said. Hasm, a group that emerged last year and has claimed several attacks on security forces, said on Friday it had carried out a shooting last week in Fayoum, a province about 60 km (37.28 miles) south of Cairo, that killed one policeman and injured three others.”
The Washington Post: Egypt Opens Military Base Says Largest In Region
“Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has inaugurated a military base in the country’s northwest to protect facilities and projects in coastal cities. Saturday’s inauguration, aired by state TV, was held with senior Arab officials present. It comes ahead of the 65th anniversary of the July 23 military coup which ended the monarchy. The base is named after late President Mohammed Naguib, an Egyptian army officer who became the country’s first president. Located in the Marsa Matrouh governorate west of Alexandria, Egypt says the base is the largest in the Middle East.”
Reuters: Egypt Court Sentences 28 To Death Over 2015 Prosecutor Killing
“A Cairo criminal court on Saturday sentenced to death 28 people over the 2015 killing of Egypt’s top prosecutor after the death penalty was approved by the country’s top religious authority, and it also jailed 15 others for 25 years each. Public prosecutor Hisham Barakat was killed in a car bomb attack on his convoy in the capital, an operation for which Egypt blamed the Muslim Brotherhood and Gaza-based Hamas militants. Both groups have denied having a role. The court had in June recommended passing the death penalty to Egypt’s top religious leader, the Grand Mufti, who can approve or reject the recommendation. The mufti’s guidance is required when a court seeks the death penalty but his decision is not binding. The sentences, confirmed by the court in Saturday’s hearing, can be appealed.”
Middle East
Reuters: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Detain Saudi Fishing Boat, Arrest Crew: IRNA
“Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have detained a Saudi Arabian fishing boat and arrested its crew, an Iranian state news agency reported on Saturday, at a time of increased diplomatic tension between the two regional powers.  Five Indian nationals on the vessel were detained on Friday after they crossed into Iranian territorial waters in the Gulf, Ardeshir Yarahmadi, a spokesman for the fisheries department of Bushehr province, was quoted as saying by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). Yarahmadi said it was the second time in the past month that a Saudi boat and its crew had been detained. Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia are at their worst in years, with each accusing the other of subverting regional security and supporting opposite sides in conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.”
Wall Street Journal: Israeli Embassy Guard Kills Two Jordanians In Amman After Attack
“An Israeli security guard at the country’s embassy compound in the Jordanian capital, Amman, shot and killed two Jordanians after one attacked the guard with a screwdriver, Israel said Monday. The incident is likely to widen a diplomatic rift between the two key U.S. allies. The news comes as Jordan and Israel spar over Israeli moves to tighten security at a Jordanian-administered holy site in Jerusalem after Arab gunmen shot dead two Israeli policemen there earlier this month. Jason Greenblatt, the White House envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, was expected to arrive in Israel on Monday to help defuse tensions after a weekend of violence over security at the site—known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary—in which three Israelis and at least three Palestinians were killed. The crisis underscores the tinderbox nature of the stalemate in Israel and the Palestinian territories as peace talks remain stalled, and marks the first major diplomatic test for Mr. Greenblatt, a lawyer turned political novice.”
The Jerusalem Post: Three Israelis Dead, One Wounded In West Bank Stabbing Attack
“The Salomon family had sat down for Friday night Shabbat dinner in their home in Halamish. They had invited their friends to come later that evening for a celebration to mark the birth of a grandson when suddenly a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated their home, and stabbed Yosef, 70, and two of his children – Elad, 36 and Chaya, 46 – to death. Yosef’s wife, Tovah, 68, was wounded and hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. The funerals of the deceased are expected to take place Sunday. It took only 15 minutes from the moment the terrorist, Omar al-Abed, climbed over the fence around the settlement of Halamish to the moment he was killed by an off-duty soldier, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis said on Saturday.”
BBC News: Two Killed At Israeli Building In Amman
“Two Jordanians have been killed and an Israeli wounded in an incident next to Israel’s embassy in Amman. Israel’s foreign ministry said a Jordanian attacked a security guard with a screwdriver in a residential building used by the embassy. He was one of two men delivering furniture to the building, it said in a statement. One of the workers and the building’s landlord were killed and the security guard was injured, it added. It did not confirm earlier reports of shooting but said the guard had ‘acted in self defence’. The incident came at a time of heightened tension in the region over a Jerusalem holy site.”
Israel Arrests Senior Hamas Officials In Overnight West Bank Raids
“The Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet security agency arrested 29 Hamas members, including senior officials of the terror group, in overnight raids in the West Bank. ‘The wave of detentions, that included a number of senior Hamas figures, was part of the preventive efforts of the Shin Bet security service and the Israel Defense Forces against the terrorist organizations, particularly during the past week and due to the tension surrounding the Temple Mount and the unrest in the area,’ the Shin Bet said in a statement on Sunday morning.”
The New York Times: Mosque Crisis And Jordan Attack Raise Fears Of Escalating Violence In Israel
“The Israeli security cabinet convened for urgent discussions late Sunday, amid fears that a standoff over Israel’s placement of metal detectors at entrances to the sacred Aqsa Mosque compound could result in a long wave of violence. After a weekend of bloodshed, Palestinian Muslims continued their protest by refusing to enter the compound. Later, there were indications that the violence may have spread to Jordan, the custodian of the shrine and an important regional ally of Israel. Jordan’s official news agency, Petra, and Jordan’s Public Security Directorate reported on Sunday night that two Jordanians had been killed and one Israeli had been wounded in a shooting inside the Israeli Embassy compound in Amman, the Jordanian capital.”
Reuters: Eastern Commander’s Forces Battle Resistance In Libya’s Benghazi
“Fighting between the self-styled Libyan National Army and rival armed groups in Benghazi killed six troops and wounded eight as the LNA advanced into the last pockets of resistance in eastern Libya’s largest city, a commander said on Saturday. The LNA, led by Khalifa Haftar, also carried out air strikes on armed groups in the city of Derna, further east, who fired back with anti-aircraft cannon, witnesses told Reuters. Haftar’s eastern forces are engaged in a multi-sided conflict between factions that fought together to oust veteran Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 but are now battling each other.”
Reuters: Hundreds Of Islamic State Corpses Await Repatriation From Libya
“Seven months after Libyan forces defeated Islamic State in the coastal city of Sirte, hundreds of bodies of foreign militants still lie stored in freezers as authorities negotiate with other governments to decide what to do with them, local officials say. The corpses have been shipped to Misrata, a city further to the west whose forces led the fight to defeat Islamic State in Sirte in December. Allowing the bodies to be shipped home to countries such as Tunisia, Sudan and Egypt would be sensitive for the governments involved, wary of acknowledging how many of their citizens left to fight as jihadists in Iraq, Syria and Libya.”
Reuters: Libyan Premier, Rival Eastern Commander To Meet In Paris: Source
“The head of Libya’s U.N.-backed government will hold talks in Paris this week with a powerful military commander who has so far rejected his authority, a diplomatic source said. The talks between Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj and commander Khalifa Haftar are aimed at stabilizing the oil-producing country, which has been mired in chaos and fighting since rebels toppled strongman Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Western governments are pushing the U.N.-backed political agreement that installed Serraj’s Government of National Unity, but Haftar, whose forces have gained ground in the east of the country, has refused to accept the government’s legitimacy.”
United Kingdom
International Business Times: Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Sent To Prison Isolation Unit
“Britain’s most notorious hate preacher, Anjem Choudary, has been moved to an isolation unit created for prisoners who pose a serious threat to national security while behind bars. Choudary was jailed for five-and-a-half years in September for encouraging British Muslims to support the terrorist group Isis. The cleric has been moved to a ‘separation centre’ at HMP Frankland, a high-security prison in County Durham, The Sunday Times revealed on 23 July. He was reportedly moved to the centre after he refused to stop preaching his extremist views to other inmates despite repeated warnings from prison staff.”
Newsweek: German Girl Who Joined Isis In Iraq Speaks: ‘I Just Want To Go Home’
“The teenage girl from Germany who Iraqi security forces discovered in a tunnel in the northern city of Mosul last week has spoken of her regret at joining the ranks of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), according to German media reports. Soldiers found Linda W., 16, with four other women in Mosul’s Old City, the heart of weeks of intense fighting between Baghdad’s elite forces and ISIS militants. Images of her capture were widely shared on social media. Newsweek has chosen to conceal her identity because of her age. German prosecutors have confirmed her identity to be the same as the German teenage girl who fled her hometown near the eastern city of Dresden last summer. But she now appears to regret ever joining the jihadi group.”
Deutsche Welle: Federal Criminal Police Call Reichsbürger A Terror Threat
“The Federal Criminal Police (BKA) have reported that followers of the Reichsbürger movement could commit ‘extreme violence, including terror acts,’ according to the German newspaper Welt, which cited a 2016-17 report compiled by law enforcement. Somewhere toward the middle of Germany’s right-wing political spectrum, followers of the Reichsbürger movement are not organized in any sense, but share a common self-image as subjects of an illegitimate postwar government. Reichsbürger believe the federal republic founded in 1949 is not a legitimate state because Germany never signed a peace agreement with the Allies, that the Basic Law requires a popular referendum to be transformed into a legitimate constitution, and that the country should restore its 1937 borders.”
Reuters: Four German Women Who Joined Islamic State Detained In Iraq: Report
“Four German women, including a 16-year-old girl, who joined Islamic State in recent years are being held in an Iraqi prison and receiving consular assistance, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday.  Lorenz Haase, senior public prosecutor in the eastern German city of Dresden, said he could confirm that the teenager, named only as Linda W., had been ‘located and identified in Iraq’ but that he could not say anything on her exact circumstances. He said the girl, whom Der Spiegel said comes from the small town of Pulsnitz near Dresden, was receiving consular support from the German embassy.”
The Washington Post: In France, Murder Of A Jewish Woman Ignites Debate Over The Word ‘Terrorism’
“What happened to Sarah Halimi resembles the plot of a horror film. In the early hours of April 4, the 65-year-old retired doctor and schoolteacher, an Orthodox Jew, was asleep in the modest apartment in northeastern Paris where she lived alone. Shortly after 4 a.m., a neighbor from the floor below, 27-year-old Kobili Traoré, a Franco-Malian Muslim, is accused of having broken into her flat. Traoré allegedly beat her to death and hurled her body off the balcony into the courtyard below. In the days that followed, French authorities treated Halimi’s killing as an isolated incident. But Jewish leaders immediately protested, especially after other neighbors testified that they heard Traoré scream ‘Allahu akbar,’ Arabic for ‘God is great,’ while allegedly attacking Halimi, who was the only Jew residing in the building, her family said.”
Reuters: Philippine Congress Agrees To Extend Mindanao Martial Law To End Of Year
“Philippine lawmakers on Saturday voted to retain martial law on the southern island of Mindanao until the end of the year, giving President Rodrigo Duterte more time to tackle armed extremists allied with the Islamic State group. Some 261 legislators agreed to extend military rule in a seven hour-long joint special session of the House of Representatives and the Senate, more than the required two-thirds of the house. Security officials had told lawmakers that martial law was needed to stabilise a region where Islamic State was gaining influence, and supporters could be inspired to stage uprisings in other areas of Mindanao, joined by foreign jihadists.”
Terror Financing
Albawabh News: Egyptian Security Expert: End Of Terror Financing Necessitates International Coordination
“Retired Egyptian Col. Khaled Okasha, a strategic security expert, said that intensive security campaigns against terrorists are underway. He claimed that they target members of Hasm Movement, the military arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which predominantly includes its youth, members of “Hazmoon Movement”, and Salafis. In a TV interview, he asserted that Alaa el Samahy and Yehia Moussa, the founders of the Hasm Movement, are residing in Turkey. From there, they give direct orders to activists to escalate terrorist acts, according to information obtained by security authorities. According to Okasha, Hasm aims to wear down Egypt’s security forces by carrying out terrorist operations in several provinces of the Republic. He thus heaped praise on the preemptive attacks by Egyptian security forces against terror groups. The expert also explained that the terror financing is done through complicated methods and there are agencies that are monitoring these funds. He stressed, however, that international coordination is needed to stop this funding.”
Aletihad Press: Turkey: Syrian Currency Exchange Companies Involved In ISIS Financing Uncovered
“Quite a few currency exchange companies owned by Syrian businessmen are active in Turkey. The companies’ activities, which are based on the delivery and receipt of funds, cover large parts of the Syrian territories, including those controlled by the regime, the opposition or Kurds and even ISIS. The names of some Syrian exchange companies appeared in international reports on the financing of ISIS. The Beirut Observer website published a report claiming that the first piece of evidence uncovered during investigations into ISIS’s sources of funding, was obtained after the elimination of Fawaz Mohammed Jubayr al-Rawi. He was killed on June 23rd after a missile hit his vehicle on the Bukamal-Al-Qa’im road. Al-Rawi owned the Hanifa Exchange Company. The report indicated that the preliminary list includes several currency exchange companies, located largely in Turkey. Regarding some of them there was prior information that their activities benefitted ISIS and other companies which used their funds “for the purchase of weapons, vehicles and finance planners and perpetrators of terrorist operations.” These funds also served as compensation for the families of terrorists after their death.”
Sada: Algeria: International Network For Recruiting Algerian Women To ISIS Dismantled
“Algerian security forces terminated the activities of an international network used to recruit Algerian women to ISIS. A security source confirmed that the dismantling of the Algerian women’s recruitment network was made possible after the recent arrest of a woman at the Constantine Airport. She returned from the Turkish city of Istanbul after spending months in Syrian territory with ISIS fighters. The 38-year-old Algerian female recruit, identified only as “Z.S.” divulged details concerning ISIS’s cell for recruiting Algerian female militants in Syria. She provided detailed information on three of her associates. Two of them were arrested, while the third is still on the run, with extensive efforts underway to capture him. Investigations revealed that the Algerian female militant joined ISIS “after being recruited through social media websites.” She spent more than a year in Syria before returning to Algeria via Turkey to complete the task assigned to her by ISIS leadership – the recruitment of other Algerian women to its ranks.”
Muslim Brotherhood
Rai Alyoum: Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated Party Banned From Holding Ceremony To Mark Its Founding
“Jordan’s Minister of Interior. Ghaleb Zu’bi, has decided not to allow the country’s largest opposition party to hold a ceremony to mark its founding. The ceremony was planned to be held in a public hall in the capital, Amman. Authorities there informed the Islamic Action Front (IAF) party that the Interior Ministry had not approved the holding of the ceremony. Mohammed Awad al-Zyoud, the Secretary-General of IAF, stated that the party had requested to hold its founding ceremony in one of the halls, but the answer it received was negative. For about two years, the Jordanian authorities have not allowed the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated party to rent public halls to carry out its activities there.”
Hadramout Net: Houthi Group Imposes New Fees On Dhamar Merchants
“Houthi militants imposed a daily tax of YR500 ($2) on local market stand-owners and vendors on the main streets of the city of Dhamar. Sellers confirmed that the Houthis collect SR500 on a daily basis under the pretext of collecting rental fees for use of the sidewalk where figs and other types of fruits and vegetables are sold. Local vendors noted that many Yemenis rely on these simple occupations for their livelihood, but the militias exacerbate the already-difficult living conditions by imposing royalties from time to time.”


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