“Running the Schumer Blockade”

– Editorial Board, The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and how he is “abusing Senate rules to undermine the executive branch.” Senate Democrats are demanding a so-called cloture vote for nearly all of President Trump’s nominees to the executive branch, meaning each confirmation requires a two-day waiting period and then another 30 hours of debate. By evoking this rule, the Journal estimates, the President “might not be able to fill all of those 400 positions in four years.” The Democratic tactic is also holding up the GOP’s legislative agenda, with Republicans having to cancel briefings on national security and a markup of two human-trafficking bills, the Journal reports.
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In the National Review, Victor Davis Hanson writes President Trump “delivered the antithesis” to President Obama’s Cairo speech in Warsaw, where he “praised the singular history and culture of the West.” In Real Clear Politics, William Murchison points out those exasperated by the President’s use of the term “the West” really are those who do not feel Western norms are worth defending.
Obamacare repeal and replace needs to happen. In USA Today, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) and economist Lawrence Lindsey tell us why. They argue that the Medicaid reforms in the Senate repeal bill should receive bipartisan support, writing that “in the 1990s, President Clinton and every Democratic member of the Senate recognized the challenges presented by” Medicaid’s unsustainable path.
Regionally, in The Cincinnati Enquirer, Kentucky Coal Association president Tyler White pens that “instead of vilifying coal like President Barack Obama did, the Trump administration recognizes that coal is a reliable and affordable source of energy.”
In the Trump administration’s efforts to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Investor’s Business Daily editorial board praises the Trump administration and VA Secretary Shulkin’s recent actions to fire more than 500 VA employees for misconduct and post the information online, saying the action will help instill accountability.


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