The jet hold | Field notes from the Pacific coast

Bill Pearse

I climbed the webby trail to the established sites at Mosquito Creek in search of the pit toilet. I asked two guys I’d seen at the big rock, by the overland trail: they said it’s easy to find, there’s a fallen tree on it.

Afterwards I went back to the main camping area which isn’t much of a camping area, it’s meant to look natural. I looked at the spot where I imagined Dawn and I camped, back in 2002. Hadn’t been there since, didn’t look the same. Travis and Mike would have been in the other one, and Brad with his blue tarp, no tent. The guys openly envied Brad, his minimalist style: his straw hat and eagle’s feather, his tree branch as trekking pole.

It was Brad I think who hung back with Dawn and helped her with her pack. She kept complaining it bothered her shoulders but…

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