Eye on Extremism, June 06, 2017

CNN:Tech Firms resisting free anti-extremist algorithm: CEP Senior Advisor, Professor Hany Farid is interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper about the development of eGLYPH, an algorithm that can detect and quickly remove known extremist images, video and audio files from Internet and social media platforms.
USA Today: Police Admit They Had Been Aware Of One Of The Alleged London Attackers
“The friend told the BBC that some of Butt’s views may have been picked up while watching YouTube videos of Ahmad Musa Jibril, an American-Palestinian Islamic cleric who preaches radical viewpoints. The Counter Extremism Project, a think tank, said he may have influenced some Westerners to fight in Syria. Separately, a neighbor of Butt’s claimed she also reported him to authorities after he attempted to convert her children to Islam and radicalize them, the Telegraph reported. Erica Gasparri, who lived near the suspect said she reported him to police two years ago, but no action appeared to have been taken. Gasparri said she confronted the man after two of her children came home and said: ‘Mummy I want to become a Muslim.’”
The Telegraph: Youseff Zaghba Named As Third London Terrorist – Everything We Know About Him
“The third London terrorist has been named as Moroccan born Youseff Zaghba, Scotland Yard has confirmed. The 22-year-old, who was born in the city of Fez in January 1995, had a Moroccan father and an Italian mother. He was reportedly arrested at Bologna airport in March 2016 trying to get to Syria and was also understood to be on an Italian anti-terror watch list. Youseff, had recently moved to east London and was working in a restaurant. On Saturday night he and fellow jihadists, Khuram Butt, 27, and Rachid Redouane, 30, went on the rampage at London Bridge killing seven and injuring almost 50 others in eight minutes of mayhem.”
Sacramento Bee: Theresa May’s Bashing Of Silicon Valley Won’t Stop Terrorists
“Rep. Ro Khanna, a Democrat who represents the Silicon Valley, responded to May’s comments by urging that she visit Silicon Valley, and offered a sensible alternative. Just as software has been deployed to prevent the dissemination of child pornography, Khanna notes, Dartmouth College computer scientist Hany Farid has developed software that could help stop the spread of extremist videos. More effort and money ought to be invested in such efforts.”
New York Times: ‘I Trusted Him’: London Attacker Was Friendly With Neighbors
“Everyone called him “Abs.” He gave out Halloween candy to children and taught them how to play Ping-Pong. He invited his neighbors to a barbecue. But Khurum Shazad Butt was not the typical resident of the East London neighborhood of Barking. He dressed in the religious gown of a conservative Muslim — with a tracksuit and sneakers underneath. He turned up in a Channel 4 documentary, “The Jihadis Next Door.” And now London’s Metropolitan Police have identified him as one of the three men who carried out the deadly terror attack on Saturday at London Bridge and Borough Market.”
Fox News: CEP Spokesperson Tara Maller Discusses The Latest Facts In The
London Bridge Attack, Including Prime Minister May’s Call For A Crackdown On Extremist Content Online.
The Hill: ISIS Takes Credit For Shooting In Australia
“The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility Tuesday for a shootout in Melbourne, Australia, that killed one person the day before. Victoria state Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said police were investigating Monday’s incident after ISIS took credit via its Amaq news agency. ‘We’re aware of them having claimed responsibility, but then they always tend to jump up and claim responsibility every time something happens so we note that that has happened,’ he said, according to Reuters. Reuters reported that Amaq said Monday’s attack was launched due to Australia’s part in a U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”
Reuters: 100,000 Children In Extreme Danger In Mosul, Trapped Behind Islamic State Lines: U.N.
“About 100,000 children are trapped in extremely dangerous conditions in the remaining Islamic State-held enclave in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the United Nations said on Monday. Children were being used as human shields by the insurgents or were caught in the crossfire of the battle, the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) said in a statement. Some had been forced to take part in the fighting. Hospitals and clinics had come under attack, it said. ‘We are receiving alarming reports of civilians including several children being killed in west Mosul,’ UNICEF said. ‘Some were reportedly killed as they desperately tried to flee the fighting which is intensifying by the hour.’”
Reuters: U.S.-Backed Anti-Islamic State Forces To Announce Raqqa Assault Start Date On Tuesday
“U.S.-backed Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State will announce the start date for the final assault on Raqqa city on Tuesday, aiming to oust the militants from their de facto capital in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Monday. The SDF is an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias backed by the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State. On Saturday the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, part of the SDF, told Reuters the fifth and final stage of the attack would start in the coming few days. ‘The SDF will announce tomorrow the date of the start of the fifth stage of the campaign to liberate Raqqa which will include an assault on the city of Raqqa,’ the SDF said in a statement.”
Reuters: Kabul Truck-Bomb Toll Rises To More Than 150 Killed: Afghan President
“The death toll from a truck-bomb explosion in Kabul last week has reached more than 150 people, President Ashraf Ghani said on Tuesday, making it the deadliest attack in the Afghan capital since the ouster of the Taliban in 2001. The blast occurred when a sewage truck packed with what Ghani called ‘military-grade’ explosives detonated at the entrance to a fortified area of that city that includes foreign embassies and government buildings. ‘We were not the only targets, the entire diplomatic community was the target of this attack,’ Ghani told foreign diplomats gathered for a conference in Kabul. Previous official estimates had put the death toll at about 90, with more than 460 wounded.”
Reuters: Houthis Ban U.N. Special Envoy From Yemen For Alleged Bias
“A top official in Yemen’s armed Houthi movement said on Monday the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen was banned from returning to the country, accusing him of bias, according to the Houthi’s Al Massira TV channel. Saleh al-Samad, chief of a political council backed by the Houthis who control large areas of Yemen including the capital Sanaa, was also quoted on Twitter as saying that if the U.N. chose another envoy, ‘he should respect the people’s will’. Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam, referring to that tweet, said the U.N.’s envoy, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, had abandoned his neutrality and did not respect U.N. resolutions.”
Associated Press: After Hamas Decade, Gaza Short On Freedom, Jobs, Electricity
“Grim records mark the 10th anniversary of Hamas rule in Gaza — the longest-ever daily electricity and water cuts, 60 percent youth unemployment, and a rising backlog of thousands waiting for a rare chance to exit the blockaded territory. Unable to offer a remedy, the Islamic militant group has been doubling down on oppression. It has jailed the few who dare complain publicly, including the young organizers of a street protest against power cuts and an author who wrote on Facebook that ‘life is only pleasant for Hamas leaders.’”
The Daily Caller: Preacher Who Helped ‘Radicalize’ London Attacker Lives In Michigan
‘He used to listen to a lot of Musa Jibril. I have heard some of this stuff and its very radical. I am surprised this stuff is still on YouTube and is easily accessible. I phoned the anti-terror hotline. I spoke to the gentleman. I told him about our conversation and why I think he was radicalised,’ the friend told BBCNews. The London attacker’s enamor with Jibril is no surprise. A 2014 Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence study found that Jibril’s facebook page was the most popular among European and North American jihadists fighting for the Islamic State. Peter Neumann of the Center said that Jibril ‘provides the political and theological justification’ and ‘comfort’ to jihadists, the Counter Extremism project noted.”
United States
Voice Of America: US State Department Approves $1.4 Billion In Military Sales To Saudi Arabia
“The U.S. State Department has approved the potential sale of more than $1.4 billion worth of military training and equipment for Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon said Monday, part of a $110 billion arms deal U.S. President Donald Trump sealed with the kingdom in May. The proposed sales include a radar system made by Lockheed Martin Corp as well as a training program for the Royal Saudi Air Force and other Saudi forces inside and outside of Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon said in two separate notices on its website. Lockheed is the prime contractor for 26 AN/TPQ-53(V) Radar Systems that were approved for potential sale.”
The New York Times: US Bars Diplomats From Egypt Religious Sites Outside Cairo
“The State Department is banning U.S. diplomats in Egypt from visiting religious sites outside the capital following a spate of recent deadly terrorist attacks. The U.S. Embassy in Cairo said Monday that additional attacks are possible and urged Americans living or traveling in Egypt to take ‘prudent steps’ to enhance their security. It said that the prohibition on U.S. government officials’ travel to religious sites outside of ‘greater Cairo’ would remain in place until further notice. The ban comes after a series of attacks against the Christian community in Egypt, the latest of which last month killed 29 people. It was the fourth assault targeting Christians in Egypt since December. The attacks have been claimed by the Islamic State group.”
Reuters: U.S. Seen Trying To Calm Waters Between Qatar And Saudi Arabia
“The United States will quietly try to calm the waters between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, current and former U.S. officials said on Monday, arguing that the small Gulf state was too important to U.S. military and diplomatic interests to be isolated. U.S. officials were blindsided by Saudi Arabia’s decision to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar in a coordinated move with Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, the current and former officials said. In announcing the decision to cut ties, Saudi Arabia accused Qatar of providing support to Shi’ite Iran, which is in a tussle for regional supremacy with Riyadh, and to Islamist militants.”
Reuters: Syrian Rebels Say Syrian Army Plane Downed East Of Damascus
“Two Syrian rebels and a war monitor said a Syrian military plane had come down about 50 km east of Damascus on Monday in rebel-held territory near a frontline with government-held land. ‘We have brought down a Syrian jet in Tel Dakwa area in rural Damascus and we are searching for the pilot,’ Saad al Haj, spokesman for Western backed Jaish Osoud al Sharqiya rebel group, told Reuters. Osoud al Sharqiya is one of the main groups fighting in the southeast Syrian desert, known as the Badia. Pictures of what appeared to be the human remains of the pilot have been shared on opposition social media sites alongside pictures of aircraft wreckage said to be that of the warplane.”
Business Insider: The Islamic State’s Latest Attacks Are The Death Rattle Of An Empty Ideology
“If the Islamic State’s plan is to push the West into an invasion, it has failed. There will be no grand clash of armies and religions in the Syrian desert. Instead, for two straight years, the Islamic State has steadily lost territory and men to American and Russian bombs and Kurdish and Iraqi soldiers. This year defections from its ranks have grown, as continuing losses grind down the group’s morale. ‘Large numbers of foreign fighters and sympathizers are abandoning (the) Islamic State,’ the Guardian said in late April.”
Reuters: Turkey’s Erdogan Holds Talks With Leaders On Lowering Qatar Tension: Sources
“Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has spoken by phone with the leaders of Qatar, Russia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on lowering tension, presidential sources said, after Arab powers cut ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting Islamist militants. ‘The importance of regional peace and stability was underlined in the talks, as well as the importance of focusing on the path of diplomacy and dialogue to lower the current tension,’ the sources said in a statement. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain severed their ties with Qatar on Monday, opening up the worst rift in years among some of the most powerful states in the Arab world.”
Reuters: Turkey Calls For Germany To Extradite Those With Alleged Coup Links
“Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday Germany should extradite people who are seeking asylum there and have suspected links to last July’s attempted coup in Turkey. ‘Those who seek asylum to escape Turkey and have been mixed up in the coup should be extradited,’ Cavusoglu told a news conference in Ankara with his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel.”
Reuters: Turkey Says Journalists Being Used As Spies In Turkey
“Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday a trend had begun in Europe for intelligence agencies to use journalists as agents. Commenting on the case of German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel, whom Turkey arrested in February on a charge of spreading terrorist propaganda, Cavusoglu said it was a matter for the courts. ‘Our independent judiciary is carrying out the process. The judiciary will make the decision on Yucel,’ Cavusoglu told a news conference with his German counterpart.”
Reuters: Turkey Plans To Strip ‘Fugitives’ Of Citizenship, Including Gulen: Ministry
“Turkey’s interior ministry said on Monday it would strip citizenship from 130 people suspected of militant links, including the U.S.-based cleric it says orchestrated last July’s failed coup, unless they return to Turkey within three months. In a list of what it called fugitives from justice, the ministry named Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) lawmakers Faysal Sariyildiz and Tugba Hezer, and former HDP lawmaker Ozdal Ucer. Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania since 1999, has denied involvement in the coup and condemned it. The notice said the suspects identified in the list would be stripped of Turkish citizenship unless they returned to Turkey within the time limit and applied to the ‘relevant authorities’.”
Reuters: Foreign Delegations Meet In Afghan Capital After Bloody Week
“Afghan leaders met officials of two dozen foreign governments and institutions on Tuesday, launching a so-called Kabul Process aiming to set the stage for peace talks and clinch an international pact to end ‘cross-border terrorism’.  After a week of violence that included the deadliest ever attack on the capital of Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani said the meeting would be more than a ceremonial effort. But with domestic tension high, international plans in flux, and the insurgency as powerful as ever, starting any peace process may be an uphill battle. Underscoring the volatile situation, at least one rocket struck an Indian diplomatic compound in Kabul, as the delegations met a few blocks away.”
Reuters: Rocket Hits Indian Diplomatic Compound In Afghan Capital: Police
“A rocket struck an Indian diplomatic compound in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Tuesday, police said, as representatives of about two dozen international delegations met a kilometer or so away to discuss efforts to end violence. Sirens and warnings of ‘incoming’ missiles sounded in a number of embassies, followed by a dull thump as the rocket exploded. Police said no one was injured in the blast, which struck a tennis court, a few blocks away from where the meeting was held. Notoriously inaccurate, rockets are an occasion fired into the city, often towards the fortified downtown area that houses not only the Indian embassy, but a number of other foreign delegations, the headquarters of the international military mission, and Afghan government ministries.”
Middle East
Newsweek: Why Have Saudi Arabia, Egypt And Others Cut Off Diplomatic Ties With Qatar?
“Simmering tensions erupted into a full-blown diplomatic crisis Monday, when Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain all cut diplomatic ties with the Gulf state of Qatar. Yemen and Libya’s eastern-based government followed suit. The move is likely to negatively affect the economy of the state, which will host the 2022 World Cup and is the site of a large U.S. military base. Airlines in affected states have announced they will cut-off flights to Qatari capital Doha, and flights by Qatar Airways to several of the countries will stop. Saudi Arabia will close its border with Qatar, forcing it to rely on sea and air freight. So what’s the dispute about and how did we get here?”
The Jerusalem Post: IDF Simulates Hezbollah Attack In Northern Israel
“Thousands of soldiers took part in a surprise drill in the North on Sunday, simulating an attack by Hezbollah terrorists. The exercise saw the army’s new commando brigade as well as special forces mobilize from across several sectors within a short period of time. Training included transitioning between routine security missions and emergency scenarios. According to a senior IDF officer, there was an emphasis on increasing the number of regular forces in a significant manner in the shortest time possible. ‘In order to prevent war, the IDF’s preparedness must be strengthened, and that is why we carry out drills like these,’ said IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, who was on site.”
Newsweek: Boko Haram: Chibok Girls Graduate From U.S. High School, Three Years After Abduction
“Two of the 276 girls kidnapped by Nigerian militants Boko Haram from their school in Chibok three years ago have graduated with diplomas from a U.S. high school. The two girls, known as Debbie and Grace, were among the so-called Chibok girls abducted by the Islamist group in April 2014. The girls escaped shortly after the kidnapping and were sponsored by a Nigerian charity to study in the United States. The pair graduated last week from an international school in Washington, DC, according to a statement shared by Emmanuel Ogebe, a Nigerian human rights lawyer based in the U.S. who was involved in sponsoring them. They are the first of the Chibok girls to graduate from an American school.”
United Kingdom
BBC News: London Attacker: Khuram Butt Showed His Extremist Colours
“Khuram Butt wore an Arsenal shirt during his murderous assault on other Londoners. Some of those whom he wanted to kill may too have been wearing the club’s colours. But his real colours were the same as many other major terror suspects of the last few years. He was a follower of the banned al-Muhajiroun network, led by the now-jailed preacher Anjem Choudary. Butt was 27 years old, born in April 1990 in Pakistan. He was a British citizen and had lived in east London for a number of years. He was married with two children. His online CV describes him as having an NVQ Level 2 in business administration and he went on to work in 2012 for a company that manages Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets.”
The Guardian: London Bridge Attack: Terror Threat In UK Now At ‘Completely Different’ Level
“Britain will need to radically change its strategy to stop jihadi attacks because the threat is now at a ‘completely different’ level of danger, according to the country’s top counter-terrorism officer. Mark Rowley, the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner, said the changes could cover police, MI5, communities, technology companies, the law and other policies. Rowley outlined his blueprint as police admitted that Khuram Shazad Butt, the London Bridge attacker pictured in a football shirt with a hoax suicide bomb belt, had been investigated in 2015 but ruled out as a potential terrorist attacker.”
The Times Of Israel: British Police Name Two London Terrorists, Both City Residents
“British counterterrorism investigators search two homes and detain ‘a number’ of people in the investigation into a van and knife terror attack in the heart of London that left seven people dead. London’s police chief says the attackers have been identified, but the names haven’t been released. At least 12 people were arrested Sunday, including five men and seven women ranging in age from 19 to 60. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick says she won’t release further details in what she describes as a fast-moving investigation, including whether authorities were familiar with the men before the attack.”
The Guardian: Police Cuts Hit UK Fight Against Terrorism, Says Former Security Chief
“Government cuts to police funding have damaged attempts to prevent attacks, Britain’s former counter-terrorism chief has said. Robert Quick, who led the counter-terrorism effort from 2008 to 2009, told the Guardian that intelligence from communities about people supporting violent jihad had been lost. Quick, who served as Scotland Yard’s assistant commissioner in charge of the counter-terrorism command, said: ‘Counter-terrorism funding is ringfenced but cuts to the general policing budget has impacted on neighbourhood policing teams in many parts of the country including London.’”
The New York Times: Can Britain Really Do Much More To Tighten Security?
“British police and security services already have some of the most powerful surveillance laws in the world, with weak judicial oversight and little criticism on privacy issues from a public that generally trusts its government and Civil Service. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, especially in cities, and there are relatively few restrictions on the mass collection of telephone and internet data by the government. All of which raises the uncomfortable question of what more can be done to prevent the kind of terrorist attack that killed seven people in central London over the weekend.”
The New York Times: At Least One London Assailant Was On Police Radar, Exposing Gaps
“Britain on Monday identified two of the three suspects in the weekend’s terrorist assault in London, including one who not only was well-known to the police but had a cameo in a television documentary on homegrown violent jihadists. The identifications immediately suggested that the police and intelligence services had missed a series of red flags in failing to stop the attack, which left seven people dead and dozens wounded in a nation still grappling with the Manchester concert bombing two weeks earlier. The terrorist attack on Saturday was the third to strike Britain in three months, all with the participation of radicalized British Muslims who had been on the radar of law enforcement but still plotted successfully.”
BBC News: Germany Set To Quit Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase Amid Row
“Germany says it plans to move its aircraft and military personnel out of Turkey’s Incirlik airbase, as Turkey refuses to allow visits by German MPs. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said they would relocate to Jordan’s Azraq airbase. German Tornado jets fly reconnaissance missions over Iraq and Syria from Incirlik, helping US-led forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS). German-Turkish talks broke down in Ankara on Monday. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said 250 German troops and military equipment would have to transfer from Incirlik, in southern Turkey. The reason, he explained, was that his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu had told him visits to the base by German MPs could not take place.”
BBC News: London Attack: Tech Firms Fight Back In Extremism Row
“Technology companies have defended their handling of extremist content following the London terror attack. Prime Minister Theresa May called for areas of the internet to be closed because tech giants had provided a ‘safe space’ for terrorist ideology. But Google said it had already spent hundreds of millions of pounds on tackling the problem. Facebook and Twitter said they were working hard to rid their networks of terrorist activity and support. Google, which owns Youtube, along with Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, and Twitter were among the tech companies already facing pressure to tackle extremist content.”
Terror Financing
Sky News Arabia: Expert: US Actions Against Qatar Due To Terror Financing
“Qatar has not moved against people who finance terrorist organizations,” said David Weinberg, an expert at the US Foundation of Defense for Democracies. The current crisis has made Doha frightened, he stressed. He thus predicts that the US will take measures against the Gulf state. Weinberg claimed in an interview that he has prepared a study focusing on Qatar and people targeted by the US government for financing terrorist groups and now residing in Qatar. “Qatar has not moved in the direction of prosecuting or imprisoning these people, and they are living there undisturbed,” he asserted. “I think it is clear that Qatar supports Hamas, on which the US government has imposed sanctions as a terrorist organization,” Weinberg explained.”
Muslim Brotherhood
Elfagr: Source: Goal Of International Muslim Brotherhood Organization To Amass Global Financial Resources Under Its Control
“Abd El-Sattar El-Meligy, a former member of Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council, stated that the objectives of the religious movements are well known. He explained that the covert organizations with an international presence such as the Muslim Brotherhood have set new goals. “The goal of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is to bring about a coup that will turn the secular state into an Islamic state. By this, it hopes to obtain a global accumulation of funds in the hands of this organization,” El-Meligy asserted during an interview on Sunday. He explained that the international organization has become a ‘safe haven’ against any pressures being exerted on local organizations.”
The Seventh Day: Egypt: Ruling On Appeal By Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated Safwan Thabet Against Seizure Of His Assets
“The First Circuit Court of Egypt’s Administrative Justice of the State Council, headed by Judge Ismail Bakhit, is set to issue its ruling on the appeal filed by businessman Safwan Thabet. He challenged the decision by the Muslim Brotherhood Asset Freeze Committee to appropriate his assets. Appeal No. 456 for the 70th judicial year claimed the decision by the Committee against Thabet was unconstitutional and illegal. It also added that the decision threatened investments and the economic prospects of Egypt. The appeal stressed that the businessman is not affiliated with the Brotherhood and that his family members support various political factions. It asserted that the family kinship with former Supreme Guide of Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Hudaybi, does not mean that Thabet belongs to the group. The appeal emphasized that the prominent Egyptian businessman had taken part in many projects initiated by the National Party, and was a supporter and participant in the June 30th Revolution {which ousted the Brotherhood rulers in Egypt}. In his appeal, Thabet emphasized that he always refused to engage in any political activity and also rejected offers to undertake an official state position.”
Elyom New: Expert: Decision To Sever Ties With Qatar Stunned The Muslim Brotherhood
“Dr. Nabil Naim, former leader of the Islamic Jihadist movement in Egypt and current expert on Islamic groups, commented that the decision by Egypt and the Gulf countries to sever diplomatic relations with Qatar means that the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has entered a “resuscitation” phase. He added that members of the organization are now in a state of panic and shock. According to the former Jihadist, this decision was one of the strongest decisions taken by Arab countries against this state, which sponsors terrorists and funds them. He asserted that for a long time the Muslim Brotherhood had anticipated this would happen to Qatar. Naim explained that Qatar’s future has become uncertain, thanks to {the growing role of} a powerful regional alliance, which is confronting terrorism in earnest.”
7adramout.Net: Sana’a: Houthi Group Loots Zakat Funds
“Informed sources in the Yemeni capital Sana’a revealed that the Houthi militia has launched a campaign to collect Zakat revenues from companies and shops for financing the Houthis’ combat operations on various fronts. According to the sources, supervisors affiliated with the Houthi militia began to conduct field inspections of shops in several markets in Sana’a. Its aim is to extort shop owners and collect Zakat proceeds in an attempt to prevent the flow of revenues to the Zakat Tax Department which is the official entity in charge of collecting Zakat taxes.”


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