For the love of it.

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

***An adventure in Parkinson’s disease…. Today was great yet highly emotional day and i felt like i needed to get some more things out than i was able to at my Neuro-shrinks today and here is the place i come to do so.
I also saw my son today for the first time in months. ***3 days later….

See this why i use Instagram so often these days i start this 3 days ago and some how managed to save the draft and then i floated off somewhere in time. Sigh…. Speaking on time today I’ve my semi annual Neuro visit. These always make me nervous. It’s like being the only at school who has blue hair, so everyone all-day only talks about your blue hair. Not to say it’s a bad thing but when i spend a day of travel and doctors at this level reminding me that I’m…

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