Southeast Asia, Part IV: Cambodia

Southeast Asia Part I: Thailand

Southeast Asia Part II: Thailand

Southeast Asia Part III: Laos

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country with many deep, significant differences from both Laos and Thailand, and a feel all its own. Once the center of the ancient Khmer Empire,  Cambodia spent much of the latter half of the twentieth century embroiled in bloody warfare, military coups, occupations, and so on, and some hints of these scars still show. Cambodia also  still suffers from widespread poverty, higher crime rates, child labor, and governmental corruption. There’s a visibly unfair disparity between classes, a noticeably wide gulf between the “haves” and the “have-nots” of society, with many people visibly struggling just to get by.

It’s a very raw country, but also one filled with much beauty, wonderful people, and fascinating centuries of history that show in every ancient temple, wall, and tree. It’s unlike…

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