World governments are buying genocide to the poorest! Sadly true indeed!


To understand why there is so much suffering and why human efforts to 
eliminate it have been unsuccessful, we need to identify the real causes
 behind it all.

 History is filled with dictators who ruled with an iron fist, bringing 
untold suffering to their subjects. Of course, that is not true of all 
rulers. Some may have the best of intentions for their fellowmen. 
However, once they are in power, they often find that their efforts are 
frustrated by infighting and power struggles. Or they may abuse their 
power for personal gain, to the detriment of the people. History is a 
tale of efforts that failed, of aspirations that weren’t realized,” said
 former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
Religious leaders of every creed and denomination preach love and unity. The reality is that they have failed to instill in their followers a love strong enough to eliminate biases. Rather than helping to cultivate love, religion often contributes to the division, bigotry, and strife among peoples and national groups. In the conclusion of his book Christianity and the World Religions, theologian Hans Küng wrote: The most fanatical, the cruelest political struggles are those that have been colored, inspired, and legitimized by religion.”
Author P. D. Mehta wrote: A vast amount of suffering is due to our own lust, to our feverish pleasure-seeking and self-indulgence, to our greed and our ambition.” Cravings and addictions of all kinds—alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, and so on—have ruined many respectable citizens” and have brought suffering to their family, friends, and others.
Heart-wrenching stories have been reported over and over around the world. Think of the grief and pain that have resulted from accidents, crime, warfare, terrorism, natural disasters, and other tragedies. So many innocent lives snuffed out and so much suffering, often for no apparent reason!
Some people blame God, reasoning that our Creator does not care about the human family. Others conclude that God sees our suffering but simply chooses not to intervene. Still others say that such tragedies are predestined. There seems to be no end to opinions on the subject.
Not only I do think that humans do not have the capacity to make others happy but also I do strongly believe that those in power, with responsabilities to guide nations and others, they do not care about the suffering inflicted, especially if the affected are poor.
I may decide to live any longer. I tried, tried and tried but the evil won. I am fully convinced that Earth Governments” are quietly programming a collective genocide where only the rich shall live. The Whole Earth Governments they are concomitated by power, greed, space!

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