Resistance to Change: Aspects of Cognition – a #WorkingOutLoud post

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I’m sharing another significant chunk of new writing today as I take good strides forward completing the third draft manuscript for the new book on organisational change, and how we build the Socially Dynamic Organisation. I’m #WorkingOutLoud as i do so, sharing writing at draft stage, so forgive typos and glitches. This is behind-the-scenes work. The section that I’m sharing today covers four of the 16 Resisters of change: we look at the sphere of consequence, the importance of belonging, the perils of uncertainty, and the impacts of denial.

The Sphere of Consequence

In terms of where this sits in the overall book, this is the fifth out of seven sections: in section 1 I introduced the notion of the Social Age and what change means, in the second section we look at the three manifestations of change, in the third I introduced the Dynamic Change Curve, in the fourth…

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