I just fixed Early Access

Hardcore Casual

I have a massive love/hate relationship with Early Access, but I think I finally cleared the final mental hurdle with it. Two primary issues bother me with EA.

The first is when a game drags in EA, either because of slow patching speed (Stonehearth) or because the scope of the project keeps increasing (ARK). With most games I’m not here to ‘help you develop’ the game, I’m here to play it, and its hard to fully dig in sometimes knowing the EA banner still hangs over a game. This leads to half-playing, and that can result in playing a game enough to get kinda bored, but not enough to complete it or play through fully.

The second issue is playing an EA game too much, and then when changes happen not going back to play the better version. This happened to me with Darkest Dungeon. When I first bought it…

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