Empower yourself!

peopleXperience by UpSideUp

– Why should I ‘Empower myself’?

> Because the vast meaning of the word ‘empower’ opens a whole world of possibilities and because we are talking about ourselves, the most important beings on earth!

– Ok! That might help, but how can I do it?

business people and engineers on meeting -No! I am an architect! I design bridges.

> Well, imagine that you are a sales person!

– Got it!

> Now, think! What does a salesman need to do for a living.

– That’s easy, he needs to sell!

> Right. That’s what a salesman does. And so, what about you? Are you a salesman?

– No! I am an architect. I design bridges.

> Ok. So you design bridges and everyone immediately loves your projects, gets the licenses, hires engineers, a construction company and then they simply build your bridges. Correct?

– No, that’s not so simple. What’s your idea? I said I…

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