Do not read! Don’t you dare…

peopleXperience by UpSideUp

No Word Showing Denial Panic And NegativityDon’t do it! Do not read this!

Why have you started reading this? The title includes a warning, so you shouldn’t be reading these lines.

Does this makes any sense at all? No!….. Yes!

One of the areas I have dedicated more time studying is NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming. I did a Coaching training, for Practitioner, then an Executive Master Management Coaching training and, most of it was based on NLP!

So I decided to study NLP itself, and I did go all the way, from my Practitioner to Master and then the Trainer.

There is a lot I felt unconfortable with, but that’s the way it is!

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned is that our brains do not unconsciously understand the meaning of “no”. That’s purely rational. So, when we listen to a command like “don’t turn left” we get the command “turn…

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