Okay. Enough.


So I’ve recalibrated, and held fish (to remove their unwanted hooks and slide them back into the water), and stopped to listen, and focused on a new pace.

And I’m done.

I don’t do relax well. I don’t do chillwell.

I tried. I found stuff. Here are photos.

Now can I go back to wifi and deadlines and alarm clocks?

I mean, I don’t need to go back to back-to-back meetings.

But have I earned my chill badge?

I’ve followed the kids as they invent things to do. And I eavesdropped and read while keeping them in earshot.

But I’m powering through Franzen, with all the frustration that involves. And I’m only running two miles a day, back and forth between the driveway and the almost-property-line, because out here everyone has property-possessive and stranger-averse dogs.

So I photograph a lot. I mentioned that?

Cool, right?

Now please give back…

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