“So what happens then? Pandemonium.”

Clintington on Film

Okay, it’s no shock that I loved the movies the 80s had to offer.  A lot of it is fed by nostalgia, but the 80s did have a lot of very original, great stories that were told….


The 90s are my favorite.  I know, that sounds like sacrilege given my post history, but there was something about those movies from the 90s…

I was 14 when I saw this one.  I remember the experience being very surreal.  I was glad my parents allowed me to watch it with them.  I remember not having a lot of interest at first and thinking, “If it’s boring, I can leave and re-read TheHobbit.”

I did not end up re-reading The Hobbit, and I don’t think I blinked.

The subject matter seemed very dry when my mom started telling me about it.  I started wondering if they were going to have…

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